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ASUS M5A99x evo /RAM Compabile


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Hi guys I have a sad story but I am hoping to get it resolve.


Background information


I brought a nice big ASUS motherboard so I can update my GPU and my processor. So I brought one of there newest chip sets for the AMD 6100 processor. (sorry I didn't want the 8120 & 8150) So research it fully Got the Memory QVL and I brought what I thought was a compatible memory module from a vendor because it said that it was supported on the box AM3+ ready but no. So I installed everything and I was unable to get it to post and I had it running but there is no video output but everything was working. I called there (weird technical support( they hung up on the first one)) so I told them it would post or any beeps codes.So Right now I looking at Corsair memory.


my question is I been getting loop from there TS I would recommendations on 16GB or 8GB for Gaming/Mutitasking on a Windows 64 bit.


I am getting the bios flash to bios 705 and returning the "incompabile ram" to Newegg for credit toward a Cosair brand. I just want to verify your memory finder is correct and your recommendations.

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