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Carbide 500R + H100 and Rear Fan as Intake?


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Hey guys!


As I use my H100 Rad under the grill as it's a perfect fit and the fans blowing out air from inside the case should I reverse the fan on the rear to blow in air insteed as of now I use it as an exhause ?


I believe it would be best this way to use both the rear and H100 blowing out air that way but I dont know, how do you set it up for best airflow ?

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Right, you just have to experiment a little bit.


I would suggest you try the following setups, with front and side panel fan as intake in both scenarios:



- H100 fans as exhaust

- Rear fan as intake


In this configuration you would use the chimney effect. But keep in mind that you will use pre-warmed air to cool you radiator.



- H100 fans as intake

- Rear fan as exhaust


Now you would use cooler air from outside for cooling the radiator, but pushing pre-warmed air into your case. This should be no problem, because rear fan would immediately pull this air out of the case. From other user reports, this configuration should get the best cooling results for you CPU.

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