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H60 questions

Steel Rat

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I recently had a Pc bought for me and I am unfamiliar with the H60 system.

After reading this thread and looking at CPUID HWMonitor, I am not so sure that the installer/builder put it together correctly. But I just don't know and that is why I am here asking.


in HW Monitor under the fans tab.

FANIN0 comes up at 67 RPMS.

FANIN3 comes up at 1223 RPMS.


Mobo is a GIGABYTE GA-Z68AP-D3


the CPU fan / waterblock 3 pin power is connected to CPU FAN.

radiator fan 3 pin is connected to SYS FAN1.


I am unfamiliar with GIGABYTE bios and it has been a long time since i have ever

Fuxxored with BIOS. But in all reality I am afraid to mess with anything for fear of messing something up. The wife will KILL ME if this box smokes/Dies. :D:


IF someone could look at the bios and/or the motherboard FAN headers and confirm that A: the 3 pins are correctly connected and B: what settings do I have to change to make SURE this pump is operating at a safe rate.


My concern is this. I have always been an air cooled guy but now that I live in the High desert it hits 105+f in the summer and it is cold in the winter so the house is usually warmed to about 75 (the wife's blood runs cold). What I have noticed with my previous machine (air cooled) is that BF3 and MW3 makes the WHOLE box run hot as hell and I want to make for SURE that this H60 is running correctly and at Full throttle or in the safest/best cooling mode.


Thank you in advance.




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Given your description, the H60 is not connected correctly.


The pump's three pin header should not be connected to the CPU Fan header. The H60's fan, which is a four pin PWM speed controlled fan, should be connected to the CPU Fan header. See below for more information about the fan.


The pump should be connected to a fan header that provides a full 12V at all times, which is usually the Power or PWR Fan header. Your board has a PWR Fan header, located below the SATA connectors. Connect the three pin connector from the pump to the PWR Fan header, and check in the BIOS that the pump is running at ~4000 RPM. How HWMonitor is mapping the fan headers to it's names is anyone's guess, so check in the BIOS, in the PC Health section, use the Gigabyte supplied software, or look for a reading of ~4000 RPM in HWMonitor. The PC Health section of the BIOS is also where fan control settings is done, I wonder if they have been changed from the default values.


I cannot see any reason for connecting the H60 the way the builders did. The pump is meant to run at one speed all the time, and would not do so when connected to the CPU Fan header, unless the BIOS settings were changed for that fan header, which does not make sense. A PWM fan, like the H60 has, will not operate optimally when connected to a three pin fan header.


I noticed you wrote the fan on your H60 has a three pin connector. You should check that again, and if it is a three pin fan, then it is not the original fan that came with the H60. The H60 is sold with a four pin PWM fan. If it is a three pin fan, you can put in on the CPU Fan header, according to your boards manual, but changing the fan on your H60 is strange. Was this PC built by professional builders?

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