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HELP! Corsair H60 Installed CPU Hot!


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Hi All,


I installed a Corsair H60 the other day and have an issue.


Installation is single fan only.


First, I installed the fan sucking the air out of the case (fan mounted to case arrow pointing outside of the case). However, I got idle temperatures of 50C.


So I turned the fan around to blow outside air into the case over the radiator, idle temps are around 40C-ish. However, right now, my CPU is hitting high 80sC to 90sC at only 34% load (see screenshot).


I checked the block and it is mounted solid to the CPU. Fan is running (and I hear it speeding up to full, slowing down, etc. as the temperature changes).


Any suggestions? Not sure what could be the issue. I build computers quite regularly and have installed many aftermarket coolers. The H60 is the first I have had an issue with.


Thank you.

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