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PSU at fault?


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So basically I have 2 PC's in bits around me, and I believe that the PSU is causing the issue. First the bits.



Asrock z68 Extreme 4 gen 3 Mobo,

i5 2500k

******** hyper 8gb ram 1600mhz (2 sticks)



Gigabyte x58a udr (Was RMA and returned a few days ago)

i7 920

******** Viper 6gb RAM 1600mhz (3 sticks)


Both parts are being built out of case with Intel stock cooler to test if they are working. Both are using Asus 5850 direct CU GFX card and both tested with my HX 750W PSU from Corsair.


The problem.

Same issue with either build. As I said Ive build out of case to test parts. When plugged in and powered up the PSU fans, GFX card fans and CPU fan all start to turn. Within 1 second the fans stop and the power dies. Exact same issue with both builds, neither build reaches post.


The only common components in either build is the gfx card and the PSU.


Im guessing the PSU is at fault here but any other suggestions as to possible cause?


PSU also failed paperclip test.



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