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TX750 (the first one)


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Hello, I would like to ask you, if this supply (I own for some years) has OPP or not, If I have to worry about components or not, if something bad happen. I have read it possibly do not have this one, because in some review when they put there 66 A circuit breaker in their room shut down ^^.


I am wondering, because CX series have this and it is uspposed to be basic series.


Considering to buy my GF new power supply and thought about TX V2 or Or TX M. Not sure about which one, because old supply (Fortron 500 OEM) maybe killed her hhd.


Thanks for reply.

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Please explain what you asking in more detail, I am sorry but I cannot make out what you are trying to ask? Doing A Google search for OPP resulted in all kinds of crap not related to PSU's. Please provide a link to what you are talking about.


And a 750 Watt PSU at full load should not draw more than about 8 Amps max at 110 Volts, in fact most of the cables we provide are only rated at 10-14 Amps, so it would be impossible for the PSU to cause a 60 amp breaker to blow with just the PSU connected; the fuse in the cable would blow at what ever the cable is rated at. 10-16 Amps its printed on the PSU cable that we provided with the PSU.

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