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H80 Pump power


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Well, I've finally found you!


I find connections on the H80 confusing to say the least. The pump has a total of three wires going to two jacks. I'm unsure how to hook this my new sabertooth board.


The two wires go to a molex connector. and a thired single wire appear to go to a CPU fan jack, That's all the information I have.



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Block head to cpufan1

120m radiator fan to cpufan2 if you want it to run at 100% or chassis fan1 to control from bios

4 pin to psu


Power up and set cpu block to level 3 check noise from pump mine cant hear a thing on level 3

Check your temperature should be around 27 to 31oc on level 3.


If you hear any water sound unscrew the radiator and give it a gentle sway.

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There are 2 connector coming from the pump block, 2pin molex that needs to be connected directly to your PSU and standard 3pin that goes to your CPU_fan header. Both fan connectors will need to be plugged in to your fan controller on the H80 so you can control the rpm.
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