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Corsair Force 3 Weird ATTO Benchmark


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hello guys!

Im new here, ive made a new pc 3 days ago with the specs that are in my profile, and after i set it up, i loaded bios on motherboard, i set AHCI for sata devices, and after i installed windows 7 x64 bit ultimate edition....


after that i installed drivers for motherboard and nothing else.


i searched the internet and found this screenshot of a force 3 120gb ssd like mine:





as you see the speeds of read/write are like the manufacturer says, around 550mb/s read and 510mb/s write.

so i downloaded ATTO Benchmark and shoot it on my pc, and the result is this:




read speed is fine, but write speed slows down and i dont know why, thats why im posting you here for help!

WHAT is causing it to slow down and how can i fix it to work properly?



EDIT: PS: i forgot to write that ssd had 1.3.2v firmware and i updated it with 1.3.3, the correct one

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ok guys, problem solved, i disabled C3/C6 state on bios>Advanced Frequency Options>Advanced Cpu Core Options>C3/C6 State Support from AUTO to Disabled



and here is the bench after that, so the ssd is ok now




thank you very very much for your help and knowledge guys :D


best regards at all of you

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