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Obsidian 800 water cooling


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I have a question for you guys about the Obsidian 800. I 'm doing a gaming build for a person and they wanted an Obsidian 800 full tower. Before I do the build thought I wanted to know a few things.


1) For the bottom chamber where the PSU goes what size rad can be put in there?


2) How do the rad fans "breathe" I'm not seeing any open grill where air intake can be brought in to feed the fans to cool the water?


3) Unlike the 650 there is no front fan so how is this case with cooling?

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the radiator should go in the top of the case. basically that is exactly wha tthe case is designed for.

know u can get any sinlge or dble rad up there noty sure about triple.

air comes in from bottom(some reverse the fan on rear of the case to so it blows in) then fans blow the air through the rad & out the top.

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