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h60 start up and get fan failure warning


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h60 upon start up I get fan failure warning and need to press f2

Once it did run the fan cycles on and off.


I am not sure there is a way to change the fan setting in bios on my windows vista I am NOT computer literate..


Also there is nowhere to connect the 4 pin connection (fan) to my motherboard.

the cpu_fan is a 3 pin connection on the motherboard.


I have a AMD Phenom X4 9750 processor.


thank you.

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Here is the MB



I have looked in my bios and there is no fan option at all.

I have windows vista 64


I am on the verge of just returning it to where I got it as they said I have 30 days to do so.


thank you

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I had the radiator fan (4 pin) connected to the cpu_fan (3 pin).

I had the pump power (3 pin) connected to the chasis fan (3pin)

as instructed.


The MB in the photo on the page I posted is rotated 180 in my machine.


The radiator fan is 4 pin, my motherboard connections for fans are both 3 pin.


Connected as you suggest.

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From what I read on the net the computer does not "see" the fan on start up and sends the fain failure option.


Here is what I see in my bios: some are ok to change some have no option to change.



system time

system date


floppy diskette

1st drive thru 6th drive.


unable to change

installed memory

memory bank 1~6

bus revision

core revision

model number

product number.




Unable to change

CPU type

CPU speed

cache ram

cache ram


Able to change

primary video adaptor

PS/2 mouse

on board /934

on board lan

on board lan boot rom

pata controller

sata controller

on board audio


unable to change

system pw

user pw.

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Had a look at your link and believe you should follow the advice to 'disable fan CPU fan check' as below pasted from that link shows. (option 2). If works would be faster than returning unit.

It is hardly Corsair's fault your board does not follow modern standards with 4 pin headers for CPU fans.




[Turn on the computer and press F11 repeatedly at the first logo screen until a BIOS screen appears.

NOTE: If pressing F11 opens a recovery, restart the computer and try again, pressing the key immediately and repeatedly after turning on the computer. If problems persist, try pressing F1 or F10.

Use the left and right arrow keys to select Advanced menu.

Use the up and down arrow keys to select Hardware Monitor , and press Enter .

Select CPU Fan Check and press Enter .

Use the following list to determine the CPU Fan Check value for your PC configuration:


Active heat sink; cooling fins directly on processor with a fan sitting on top of the fins.

hardware monitor/CPU fan check = ENABLED

Passive heat sink; cooling fins on processor without a fan directly on top.

hardware monitor/CPU fan check = DISABLED]

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