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RMA- Does corsair pay return shipping?

Blazing angel

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Hello all

I am rma'ing a power supply (which i already rma'd back to seller, which resulted in a new-still broken one- but thats another story)


I have a corsair CX430V2. There is only an option for CX430 - is this the correct one for the V2?


Finally, does corsair pay the return shipping to the seller? or must i pay that as well?


Thanks in advance



Reason for RMA


Whenever the psu is plugged into both the motherboard and the wall, it makes a "whine" sound. Changing eist, c1e, (etc) settings have no effect. It doesn't make a sound when the atx cable isn't plugged in. BUT, if the psu is plugged in to the motherboard, and the computer is off, it still makes an odd sound.

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Hi guys, it's me again. I ran into some other problems, and as a result, I wasn't able to ship my Corsair power supply to the warranty depot. I created another ticked near March, but haven't gotten around to shipping the psu (it hasn't been used, and is in a box). I still have the case number, is it safe to still ship the power supply?


EDIT: Phoned Corsair tech support. RMA is still active! About to ship off the product.

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