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Problems with TX850 V2


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Hello, i bought my PSU about a month ago and i have these issues with it:

As soon as i put the power cable for the first time in the PSU it started a very low frequency buzzing noise that fayded after 2 weeks. The second issue is that it smells like very hot metal/plastic even after 1 month, but the PSU is very cool, the temp. of the air in the exhaust of the PSU is 20-25 Celsius, this hase become an issue because the smell fills up the room and starded to give me headaches. And the third issue and the most annoing is that the fan is maxxed out all the time, from the moment i push the start button on my pc, till i shut it down.

Please if someone can help me to tell me what can i do.

Can i change it from the shop where i bought it or what is to do?(I am from ROMANIA and i bought it from SIGMANET)

Thank you.

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