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Updating Firmware for Macbook Pro


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Hey All!


I just ordered a Force 3 180gb today and will have it tomorrow.


I know there has been some issues with the 2011 MBP and Firmware but from what i have read it is now working with the latest firmware update.


I am not sure what version mine will ship with but if i do need to update the firmware before using it what is the best way to do that?


Is there a way to do it from a Win 7 Laptop using a USB Enclosure? Or Do i need a Win 7 Desktop?


All you other Mac users out there how are doing it?


Thanks for all the input!

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It is best to test the SSD first for problems before updating the firmware.


The firmware update is not designed to be destructive but it is only recommended to update the firmware if the SSD is having problems.


If there are no problems with the SSD and is performing up to spec then there is no need to update the firmware.

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