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Email sent 1 week ago and no responce yet


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I purchased a Corsair 500r case over a week ago.


Upon opening the case I noticed that it is missing one of the rubber gaskets for the fan mount screw holes in the top of the case.


I contacted Corsair by phone and was instructed to send an email to jackflash@corsair.com with all of the details of what was missing, I included a picture of the hole missing the rubber gasket as well, and my contact information (from the same email linked to this forum account).


I have not recieved any responce to the issue.


Any information you have is appreciated.

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  • Corsair Employees
I am sorry but these orders are being processed ASAP and when parts are available. It is my understanding that these items or parts are not available just yet but as soon as they are you should get them mailed to you. For more information I would contact our customer service directly, sorry but they are not available on the forum
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