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POST screen freeze, Force 3 120 GB


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I already have an older Force SSD with Windows 7 and my programs on and a standard hard drive for my data.


I've just added a new Force 3 120gb as my existing one is running out of room. I plugged in the drive and start my PC. The POST screen displays the new SSD but then freezes and does not boot up Windows. If I unplug the new SSD, everything boots fine. Pressing F8 / Del to enter set up and check the boot sequence is not possible as it freezes before getting there.


I just took the drive to my friend's house and plugged it in to his PC. Booted up fine (Windows XP) and was able to see the drive within Windows. I also used the same SATA cable at his house.


Is there something obvious I am missing? Any ideas what I can try to sort this out?



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Check the firmware version using the firmware update tool for your drive on our SSD firmware page. If you are not on 1.3.3, update to 1.3.3. Be sure to read the download page AND the .PDF file carefully and completely before you begin.


Also, if you need any additional help, it's impossible for us to assist you without your system specifications. Please fill in your dropdown menu as requested at registration.

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