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AX1200W Buzzing Noise


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I too am experiencing the "buzzing" noise from the AX1200 I bought 3 weeks ago for my build - http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1646299.


1) I have read the PSU noise sticky.

2) I have tried all of the suggestions in the sticky.


The buzzing noise is still there.


When I manually stop the fan with a small pen the noise completely goes away. When I release the pen, and let the fan spin again, it immediately comes back. I'm not stopping it while the fan is already spinning ( I power down my PC, put the stopper in, and then power it back up ). I don't stop the fan for too long because I know the heat needs to be removed from the case to allow the components to operate at a lower temp.


I have the PSU mounted vertically, but this shouldn't matter.


I have two options:

Option 1) RMA for replacement.

Option 2) Change the fan myself, and void the warranty.


I would like to go with option 1, but I don't want to be without a power supply until the new replacement comes in. Is there a way for me to RMA, have the new unit shipped, and I ship the other one back on arrival of the new PSU? From what I'm reading, people have had to RMA three or four times to get an AX1200 which operates without the fan buzzing noise.


If I do replace the PSU, is it okay that we only swap the unit, and not the rails? I would rather not have to undo all of my wire management.

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You can use the link on the left and request an RMA but please keep in mind this is a 1200 watt PSU and the fan will not be totally quiet and would fall between 25-32 Db in noise at about 60% load so depending on how loud your unit is doing an RMA may not solve the issue. But if you feel it is louder than spec by all means please;proceed with the RMA
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