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Best practices for brand-new drive


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I just purchased a 90GB Force 3 SSD, and before I start using it, I want to do everything I can to make sure it's healthy, and that it stays that way.


Firmware: One tool (ubuntu disk utility) reports that the drive has firmware "1.3.2". Another tool (ubuntu commandline lshw) reports firmware "1.3." I do have access to windows on one of my systems. Is it worth updating the firmware to 1.3.3? If so, do I need to do so using Windows?


I'm currently running a surface scan (using ubuntu disk utility). Since this presumably involves some sort of writing to the drive, should I do a secure erase before I format the drive and put a filesystem on it? If so, what utility is best for doing the secure erase?


I only have SATA II, but my benchmarks show the drive basically maxing out the SATA II interface. Bravo on making such a fast drive!


Finally, does anyone have any recommendations for what utility is best for formatting the drive for linux, and making sure that the 4k sectors are properly aligned?


EDIT: Also, how can I verify that TRIM is working properly?

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