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Force Series 3 problem?


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I have a crosshair V formula , 8 gbs ram ocz obsidian 1600@1333 and 1090t procesor, before it had a raid0 2 - hdds WD 320gbs sata 2 and never problems.


I changed HDDS for 2 x ssd corsair force 3 series of 120gbs to make a raid0 and everything seems fine unless you restart sometimes only the pc without any warnings or error messages or the PC or the system.


I do this once every several hours is not continuous.

I updated ssd to firmware 1.3.3 and remains the same.


I cheked Trim and this enabled, should be enabled with raid 0?


can this be the problem? I can test the ssd?



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TRIM is always enabled by default. But TRIM wil not work with SSDs which are members of a RAID array. The reason is that your OS and your RAID driver are treating your array as one logical disk, thereby the TRIM command can not be passed to your SSDs. Intel is working on implementing this functionality into one of their upcoming RST driver releases, but I don't know what AMD is planning to do.


You can leave TRIM enabled, it won't harm your SSDs. Garbage collection is still working in background, even in RAID mode. If you observe a drecrease in performance, you can UN-RAID your array, SecureErase both drives with PartedMagic an do a clean Win 7 installation. Instead of a new installtion, you may backup your OS (before UN-RAIDING the array) and restore it after SecureErase.


I hope this will answer your questions :sunglasse

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