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Force 3 unstable and firmware update problems


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iv bougt a force 3 ssd a few days ago but can not get it to work, i hav updated my bios to newest version and a friend of mine did a firmware update on the ssd. i installed w7 on it and was doing doing som driver installing when comp suddenly switched off... started up again butstopped with the windows logo, did many reboots before i was able to get in to windows..


I reinstalled w7 on my hdd and turned of computer to un-connect the ssd.. started computer up again but it couldnt find a hard drive.. tried many times with tweaks in bios before i connected the ssd again and i got in to windows. isnt that a bit strange that a hard drive whos empty has to be connected to be able to log on to windows?


my computer is still a bit unstable and i want to try to re install w7 on the ssd and un connect the hdd. before that i want to run a firmware update but the update tool cant find my ssd. i have settings on ahci!


sorry for bad english, im not the best with computers ither....:)

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