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Laptop won't recognize SSD


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Hi, I have a similar problem. My SSD (Corsair 120 GB Force 3) will not work in my Laptop. The first unit I had replaced. This unit is with firmware 1.3.3. As a reference I have installed it in a desktop PC and it works perfectly (msi Nettop PC in IDE mode) but when I try to use it in my msi GX780R it does not work.

It is not recognized in BIOS (sometimes I can see the unit, but then I can not recognize it in Windows), I have tried to change from AHCI to IDE.

Any suggestions?


Best regards,


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Yes, the SSD is detected everytime in my desktop PC but only sometimes in my laptop. Depending on where i try to put it (I have two hdd in my laptop = msi GX780R) it is never detected, the PC responses slow or it sometimes could be detected in BIOS but then not from Win7.

With the original hdd,the laptop works perfect in ahci mode.

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