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My pc crashed two weeks ago playing BF3 causing major bios and windows corruption.


I cleared cmos & flashed a new bios and done a secure erase on my ssd, reinstalled windows.


I have stress tested all ram in single mode in all slots on motherboard = all ok

I have stress tested cpu and overclock for 48hrs = all ok

I have stress tested both GTX480's in slot 1 & 3 on my motherboard for a week each = all ok

I can run one GTX480 and one GTX480 as dedicated physix = all ok

I have tested 4 Sli bridges and as soon as I enabled Sli pc fails and reboots = issuse

The problem was intermitant at first ie could run Sli for a couple of hours run furmark in sli with know issues but once pc is rebooted = crash but the past 4 days cant run sli at all


At first thought it was a dodgy card or motherboard slot but after 2 weeks of testing so my thoughts is that the psu HX1000w is dying or not putting out a steady 12v rail


Whats ya thoughts before i send my psu back as i have received a rma


ps i dont have another psu to test or friend with one that can cope with 2 x GTX480's


Pic of weird bios




This is my second psu as the first one popped been running this one for 2years on the below config




I take it that if a rma i will get another HX1000 or can you pay a little extra for a better upgrade ie HX1050 or AX1200

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The weird script is due to corruption in the motherboard BIOS, need to reflash or if your board is capable of it select alternate BIOS. Could also be due to weak cmos battery or bad BIOS chip. Hopefully, you're aware of all the driver problems people are having running gtx 480's in SLI with any driver past 270.61. Folks with 460's, 470's, 560ti's and 570's in SLI can have SLI issues with anything later than 275.33. Supposedly the 285.39Beta driver fixed most of the issues but they reappeared with the 285.62WHQL driver.
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Sli does not work on any of the old 27 drivers along with a fresh install of Windows and normally if a Psu is failing it will cause hd and BIOS corruption issues RMA guy or yellowbeard what do you think


I can't even enable sli as soon as I click maximize performance the pc black screens reboots and won't go back into Windows until I unplug the second card

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I had a similar issue. When the computer crashed and the bios was damaged a bios backup was automatically applied. The backup bios was an early version and did not support SLI. After many hours of swapping cards and drivers SLI was returned after a bios update.
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No mate as I had already posted psu, dont think its motherboard I ran 1 card in pci-e slot 1 & 3 for days stress tested,


Then ran both cards in pci-e slot 1 & 3 slot one as graphics and slot 3 as physx then the other way around and again for a week all ok


Spoke to Evga tech in germany and he said black screen reboot is normally sli bridge or psu problem


If psu results is ok then will post motherboard & both graphics back to Evga for testing :-(

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I don't run a third card just 2 x gtx480's so would you still suggest moving second card or not as this is what I was told of you guys when I posted here 2 years ago http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=88733 . Also since I got brand-new Psu from you guys Thx is that another 5 yrs warranty or just 3 left from old Psu thx again for great customer service :)
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