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Corsair 650D side window panel is blurry on bottom half


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I just bought my Corsair 650D and after building my computer, and finally taking a closer look at my computer, I notice that the bottom half of the case is very blurry. The whole reason is bought the Corsair 650D is for the side panel window even though I know it is not the best air cooling case. I can't even see the Corsair AX850 power supply clearly because the 850 part is blurred out. I am a Corsair fan. I have Corsair power supply, case, memory, and SSD so hopefully I can get the side panel window RMA'd without sending in the entire case as shipping costs would be through the roof as well. I already have my entire computer built so it would be very inconvenient for me if I had to wait weeks without a computer because I have no case. Or if I just RMA the plastic window instead of whole side panel.


I couldn't call Corsair today because it is Sunday so maybe I thought I'd post here since I hear Corsair has great customer service.



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