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H70 temp under 100% load using passmark burnIn test


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Would like to know if high amount of pressure would cause issues with temp?


I installed my h70 with mounting backplate and screws from a noctua u9b se2air cooler to get into my computer...


For all intents and purposes the computer runs fine..


Cpu temp under idle is 31-32 c and under 100% load jumps to 62 - 63c

I have a moderate OC of 3.6ghz currently


Using an air cooler I never saw a 30 degree jump like that... cpu stayed cool at 32-34c idle and hit 57c under 100% load


I did install unit in push/pull venting out rear of case with a 120mm fan pushing air inside case mounted on side panel in line with h70

and another 120mm directly below it pushing air into case as well.


My pc currently sits in a xigmatek asgard ii b/b case x2 120mm on side panel x1 120mm on front panel pushing air into case.


Then the h70 w/ x2 120 mm fans push/pull venting out


should my temps jump like that?


edit: typo with fan sizes

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Since you are using a non-standard mounting for your H70, it may not be performing up to it's potential. You mentioned you have "high pressure" using the other mount, and while the temps you are getting are not bad at all, the mounting may not be quite right. Why are you using the other mounting brackets with the H70?


Given your post, you have experience with using CPU testing software. When you start a CPU stress testing program, normally the CPU starts in a roughly idle state, less than 5% CPU usage, and when the test program runs, the CPU usage very quickly changes to 100% usage. In my experience with this, particularly when the CPU is OC'd, the CPU temp increases immediately to about 90% of the temperature it will finally reach within a few minutes. An increase or jump in temps of ~30C is not uncommon, but that is not what you usually see?

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In response to your question about why I am not using the standard mount for the cooler; it is due to when I purchased it, It was purchased used. The backplate was still attached to the original purchasers Motherboard. I have recieved that, but I am still missing a screw to fully attach the retail mount to the unit. When I recieve all the parts to have the unit installed correctly, I will re-seat with proper mounting hardware.

My temps under load with air cooler were approx. 52-56c under a 3.6 OC over stock 3.2

and at idle sat around 34-36c

I figured after the OP that the high variation in temp would most likely be due to non-standard mounting hardware and generic shin-etsu tim.

Would I be correct in this assumption?

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