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Corsair Force GT primary drive including Raid 0 setup question.


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My current setup is with a Corsair Force GT 120 as the primary OS drive. I have followed many of the setup suggestion within these forums but I may have made a mistake on initial setup.


The SSD is running great in AHCI mode. I have not had any issues since initial install. I have a 1tb drive for storage.


Prior to installing the SSD, I was running 2 velociraptors in raid 0 with the 1tb as storage, which I replaced with the new SSD.


To get to the point I guess, I installed the OS on the Corsair in AHCI mode and now I would like to change the mode to Raid so that I can keep my Raptors in a Raid 0 as a secondary drive. Since I installed the OS in AHCI mode will I have to re-install windows 7 in Raid mode to be able to run my additional hard drives in a Raid configuration.


I have tried to just switch AHCI to Raid and at windows logo screen it goes BSOD.


If I do have to reload the OS on the SSD in Raid mode, is there anything I need to know or procedures I can follow? Like how to format or erase the current install of OS etc.


Thanks for any help

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