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Brand new AX850W coil whine...(Europe, Greece)


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Hi, that's my first post here...


About ten days ago i bought an AX850, i wanted something powerful for my new built.


So, i built it, everything worked fine, spent a week to make sure my system was 101% stable...good news is, it is stable...


Now, the bad news...on Friday i decided to play a game (Crysis2) for the first time on this pc...a very high pitched sound (which is variable depending of the FPS) was coming out of my pc...


I started the troubleshooting and came to the conclusion it's either the VGA (GTX580) or the psu.


Yesterday i RMAed the vga, left it to the store i bought it from to check it out.


From what i've reading though now i am 99% it's the psu (i'll know for sure in 2 working days, that's the time the store needs to check the vga and decide if there is a prob or not).


The symptoms appear ONLY when the pc is running 3d application with high frame rate. The noise isn't much noticeable below 100 FPS but anything above 200-300FPS makes it really clear that there is a problem (Crysis2 starts with four digit FPS screens and the menus are 600-800 FPS)...


It does go away (or at least it's not noticeable) when forcing Vsync on (60Hz).


The tonality (yes i am musician as well, lol) of the pitch seems to depends 90% on the FPS and only 10% on GPU strain.


Stressing my system for a whole week i can say that it's only when running high frame rate 3d applications. No matter how hard the rest of the PC gets stressed the symptom doesn't appear.


Now, before i give up the VGA for RMA i shoot a video so i can show it to the technician and inform him about how he could replicate (thinking it's the VGA that has the prob) this issue.


So here it is (sorry about the quality):




00:00-00:38=Idling, setting up 3dMark Vantage (low settings so i can get high fps, not all test were selected)


00:39-04:07=Running the benchmark...


04:08-04:24=Cancelling because i forgot to leave out the CPU tests (duh), reseting the benchmark to run all the other tests


04:25-06:17=Running the rest of the tests...the high pitched sound appears at mostly at the very start of each test, i have fraps open so i can see that it reports 3 and four digit numbers just before each test runs.


06:18-06:33=Stopping Vantage, starting Crysis2


06:34-07:45=Crysis2 runs, wondering in the menus. The FPS is anywhere from 600 to 8000+ depending on the menu/screen. The pitch varies.


07:46-08:10=Stopping Crysis2, enabling Vsync from the Nvidia driver


08:11-09:04=Starting Crysis2, wondering in the menus again (no high pitch sound this time)


09:05-09:21=Stopped Crysis, set force Vsync back to off


09:22-10:17=Started Battlefield 3...the noise it's there, lower than Crysis's but its there...


10:18-10:32=Stopped Battlefield, set Vsync force to on


10:33-11:34=Started BF3 again. No high pitch noise at all this time.


11:35-end=Stopped BF3, tried to capture my system but it was too dark so just don't bother with this part.



So, my question now is...


If i get back my VGA (or a replacement) and the noise it's still there i'll have to RMA the psu.


Can i do this directly to Corsair? Because if it's an issue of a specific batch i am pretty sure the store i've bought it from will just replace mine with another one from the same batch.


I would prefer just to get one that Corsair have tested and is sure that won't have the same phenomenon.


If i can RAM directly to Corsair, could you inform me about how i can do it?


Thanks in advance.


Nick (Greece)

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BTW, i've confirmed it's the PSU...


My GTX580 was fine (just got it back)...i also found my old and trustful 8800GT 512MB which i have used for 3 straight years with my old Toughpower 750W without any issues ...


I have exactly the same high pitched noise with the AX850 and the 8800GT...


Anyway, at least i know it's the PSU 101%...

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On the Sticker on your PSU or the Box it came in.


What does the serial number start with, and what revision?


Is it:

SN: R1108B********

Rev: A1W


I never responded to your last request for my serial number, mine is the same with the same revision.


If we request RMA ram guy will we get a newer revision that wont have the noise?



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  • Corsair Employees

Any RMA's will be exchanged with a new unit and any changes that have happened will be rolled into current production.

1. Will it be a new PSU?

A: Yes

2. Will it be a newer revision that what I have now?

A: We would not be able to answer that but you would get a new unit.

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