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H40 Build Question.


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Im planning a Mini ITX Gaming Rig to replace my current build, a Full Tower SLI rig due to size restrictions. I was wondering if the H40 would be good enough or if I should go with maybe the H60?


The case I am going to use is Lian Li's PC-Q08R. I won't be overclocking the CPU I am planning on getting however I do want it to be silent. Also I wanted to know if there is any difference in tube length between the H40 and H60.


Thank you.

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Interesting question, and while checking into the H40 I had more questions than answer overall. I can't find one review about it yet, which is to bad. All I know about it is this:


The H40 seems to use a different fan than the H50 or H60, rated at 2000 RPM instead of the H60's 1700 RPM. The closest match seems to be the H70's fan, which is rated at 2000 RPM. That fan is a three pin type fan, so no PWM control like the H50's or H60's fan. So the H40's fan is still a mystery, but I would hope it is a PWM fan.


The tubing length is not in the specs. It looks to be shorter than the H60's, which are ~11" - 12" long (300mm.) The H50 has 300mm long tubing, the H70 200mm, my guess is that the H40 tubing is ~200mm long.


IMO, one important factor in your situation is that the H40's pump is smaller in size than the H60's. That is likely important since you plan on using an ITX size board. You did not mention the CPU you'll be using, but the H40's pump will fit much easier on a smaller board than the relatively bulky H60 pump. Do not underestimate the importance of this.


IMO, if the H40 has a three pin fan, the H60's fan will be quieter. If the H40 fan is a PWM fan, then it will be much easier to keep it quiet, but a three pin fan will need a separate fan controller in order to really adjust it's speed for quiet operation. In most cases if your CPU is not OC'd, it will be easier to keep cool, so you can use a lower fan speed. You could also use a fan of your choice.

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Well, even if the fan is not PWM I already have a pair of cooler masters Blade Master fans just in case.


I was also wondering if H40's pump would possibly work better with an ITX board seeing as there is very little to almost no room around the CPU area, so thank you for answering that before I could ask it. The CPU I plan on using is going to be either the Intel Core i5-2400S or the Intel Core i5-2405S both only have a TDP of 65w.


I'm hoping the tubing is shorter than the H50, I have seen a few builds with this case using the H50 and it looked pretty cramped once you get the power supply in and secure.

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