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AX850 causing random reboots


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I've had an issue for the past few weeks that's been driving me nuts, since it's so hard to troubleshoot.


My PC has been rebooting randomly. Sometimes, it will work for 24 hours straight before rebooting. Sometimes, it will work for 30 minutes. Whenever it reboots, it will usually get stuck in a continuous rebooting loop for several minutes before it successfully boots up again. I suspected the PSU, but since I was having other issues with my motherboard, I figure I would RMA it first instead. Sadly, that didn't fix the issue.


So, out of frustration, I went and bought myself a new PSU 2 days ago. I just picked up the Corsair CX600 as a backup PSU, and have been running it with only one of my GTX 570 in the meantime. 48 hours and counting, and no issues yet, so the issues is almost assuredly my AX850.


My system has never been heavily overclocked. My Core i5 2500k was running at 4.6GHz (1.3V), but my GPUs were running stock so I was under the impression that the AX850 should have been able to handle the power draw just fine.


I am mildly disappointed, as I tried to purchase one of the best power supplies out there to avoid such issues, but alas, I guess these things just happen.


I am concerned that if I were to RMA my AX850, this is going to happen again. As a Canadian resident, the shipping cost for the RMA is not going to be cheap, and waiting on a replacement may be painfully slow do to international shipping. Should I be concerned by using this PSU to power my existing setup?


Also, is there a chance the issue could be related to the modular cables? I would hate to receive an RMA and find out that the cables were causing a short or something like that.

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This looks more like the massive NVidia driver problems with SLI that alot of folks are having; especially if they used the express install option and installed the NVidia HD audio driver that allows them to hook up a monitor through HDMI. NVidia's aware of the problem and thought they had finally fixed it with 285.38BETA, but it came back with a vengeance with the 285.62WHQL driver package (which encompasses the video driver, the 3d driver, physx driver, HDaudio driver, and the NVidia update software).
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