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AX1200 and PG signal?


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I have tested two new AX1200's and both fail to POST a tyan 8230 motherboard (Fans spin, no video, no beeps).


I rma'd the board twice, and they literally tested the board with my cpu and ram so we know the second replacement board is ok


I'm afraid to plug the board back into either of the ax1200s fearing they would damage the board.


using a PS tester both are showing Good voltages but the PG signal is HH (high, over 900ms?) could this be the reason the board is not booting?


what is the average PG time on the 1200?




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Wow, you're still dealing with your problem?! Sorry to hear that.


The AX1200 is EPS rated, so should be Ok. Do you have both EPS12V CPU power cables connected to the board? Are you sure you're using CPU power cables and not the PCI-E cables (sorry, covering all bases.)


OMGosh, who knows what the average PG signal time is on any PS? You wouldn't think on a boot it would matter if it took longer for the PS to come up, by fractions of a second, unless the POST is so picky it fails the PS if it is out of spec, but ought to let you know what happened. Sever boards might need to wait for banks of HDDs to spin up, but who knows. You said Tyan said this PS is Ok?


With two AX1200s failing to POST, maybe just not compatible.

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The PG or Power Good is with in to ATX 2.1-2.3 Spec I would check with Super Micro for the ATX specification they require. They have been known to use nonstandard PSU requirements in the past but will normally clearly specify that in their manual. I would look in their manual for a list of tested PSU's and we can arrange an RMA and test the PSU you have to see if they are with in Spec. But I really doubt that you have two bad PSU's in a row.
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