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Raid 0 issue with 2x 60gb Corsair Force GT ssd's


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why are my read/writes so low using 2x 60gb corsair force gt's, i was expecting somewhere closer to the 1000 mb/s range for read/write. i have all the proper raid drivers installed. even my write score is way off.



i even took an atto bench and it shows something completely different,.




so hopefully someone can help me out. why are 2 benchmarks showing 2 completely different scores. both ssd are installed in port 1 and 2. there is nothing else hooked into my sata potrs. my odd is hooked into the jmicron controler.



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ATTO is the software what results look for on these SSD's

Your results on it is great. reason why you "lose" 200 is the simple thing AMD isnt as fast as INTEL on these, yet and These SSD's has bean Spected on Intel controller.


But, would you realy benefit on your use of your computer that 200MB/s is hard to tell as that would mean to have also different CPU on that system.

Also its only theoretical speed so in real life, it migth be different story.


Here's my results on 2x force3 and 3x force. if you look those AS SSD result (on my pic's) you see they are weard like reverce so look only ATTO result on these drivers.



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well adding the 2nd gt, i can definitely tell theres that extra oomph when im opening or installing something. i give it that much. these drives are fast. i was just concerned at the write speed. 188.7 mb/s is actually lower than what i got when i had just one gt. is that because the amd controller isnt up to par?
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