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Force GT 120 GB with Window 7 freezing


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I bought Force GT 120GB couple of weeks ago. I upgraded firmware to 1.3.3.

AHCI and TRIM are enabled.

I am running Windows 7 64 bit on ThinkPad T400. My bios and disk drivers are updated to latest version.

I am facing several system freezes per day. e.g. today, my system frozen almost 10 times. Sometimes I can still move mouse around, but nothing else can be done for several minutes. Longest I've waited was about 15 minutes and then switched off computer. Nothing else works.

Almost as a rule, I can never start system in a first attempt. Computer freezes before Windows are starting to boot. I have to try 3-4 times to successfully start Windows again.

Occasionally I am facing BSOD as well. 007B was one of the latest ones.


Support, can you please advice what can be done?


Best Regards,

Klemen Kobilica

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Thanks Yellowbeard.

I've secure erased disk again, to check again, if problem can be resolved. Installed Windows 7 from scratch. The problem stays the same.

I've submitted RMA few days ago, which was approved. Disk was sent to your RMA department today.

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