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I have a performance3 64GB that I used for a build in january and I was fairly pleased wit it s performance. Then at the end of Oct I noticed the system was freezing intermittintly and boot/ops were slowing down I benchmarked the ssd at 210MB read and 78 write. Over the course of the next 2 weeks performance degraded to 89 MB read abd 56 write. after much time and frustration reaserching forums, I finally decided to get one of the 74gb velocirators from newegg($64), did a fresh install of os, secure errased ssd with pmagic, migrated the os from the velociraptor to ssd with paragon migrate. The ssd now runs at 310MB's read abd 108 MB's write. This si still subpar from advertised spec but acceptable. The whole operation took about 1hr. I disconnected the velociraptor and will use it for the same operation whenas I suspect it will, the ssd will degrade again. If any of you rocket sientist computer gurus can tell me why this happens I would appriciate it. Does trim work in win 7 ultimate and or what can I do to make the ssd last longer without doing all the tweaks of windows that invarbly cause registry corruption. Thanks.
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