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AX850 click noise


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I have had an AX850 for a bit over 9 months. Over the last couple weeks I have noticed odd occasional clicks coming from my case - usually a few per day. It sounds like the click the psu makes when first turned on but a little louder. Yesterday at the same time of the click my system froze for a couple seconds followed by a bsod. I decided to investigate by switching to my 850TX kept in another system. For about 24 hours, no clicks. Questions:


1) Is this a symptom of a failing psu?

2) What is Corsair's advanced RMA policy?

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1) Possibly...Have you checked to see what your voltages are in the BIOS? Or Multi-meter if you have one would be the best route.


2) Once you receive an RMA number you will have to give Customer Service a call directly and work out those details with them.


Since you have access to another PSU i would take it out of the case and run it on a paperclip and see how often it makes that noise. Here again if you had a meter you could see if the voltage changes when the noise happens.

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