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Random lockups/bsod's


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Hey, Ive started having problems again


BSOD's or random lockups randomly (happens if I go play a game)

1. way: when it freezes in the game, sound also freezes, my usb keyboard and mouse looses power.

2. way: random lockup on being idle (keyboard and mouses looses power and I have to restart)


Check my full specs here: http://www.xfire.com/profile/321tomo123/

Heres quick summary:

Gigabyte EX58-DS4, Corsair TX 650W, Intel i7 920, 6x2gb OC Z DDR3, Gigabyte GTX 570 SO


Recently I bought new GPU, the old one gave me lockups as well (but it was dieng anyway), I've had HD 4870 x2, which drawed alot of power..


And I noticed (way back) that case metal parts have wierd continuous static electricity (its annoying me pretty much..) :[pouts:


I've also had RAM replaced back then, like 2 years ago..

And also one of the HDD had bad blocks, so I bought new one month before GPU...


It was like 2 weeks since I got the gpu, it was all ok untill yesterday

Also when I got out of BF3 for a sec, I checked task manager, and saw that it shows only 4GB O.o..

So again, it could be RAM..

But, I am thinking PSU or MB have isues as well...


My worst nightmare is back :evil:

Please help me out guys..

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