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HX620 noise


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Let's explain the situation.


Three years ago I bought a set of parts in order to build a computer. One of the things I bought was a Corsair HX620. I had no problem whatsoever with this product until a week ago when I ordered 3 new parts for my computer. A new case, a new soundcard and a new graphic card.


From being a very quiet case case, this one is not. By lowering the fan speed of all fans including the fans on my new graphic card (ATI HD5850) I can hear the sound more easily. First of all I can hear the fan inside the PSU, something I couldn't hear before. Second, I hear a very low buzzing (hard the describe it) sound from the PSU, and yes, it does come from the PSU.


After reading the sticky thread and a few other threads with a bit similar problems like mine (and trying out the solutions given there) I still haven't been able to make that sound go away.


I do believe that the problem have something to do with the new graphic card together with the PSU. Tomorrow I will try using my old graphic card again to conclude that the problem has something to do with the graphic card. Other then the graphic card, not much else has changed so I feel confident enough to create this thread before making that conclusion.


Some topic said that the problem could be software related. But if it is, what else can I try except turning on Vsync (didn't work)?


Here is the sound of it from close up: http://www.zshare.net/audio/95944194cd218eaa/%5Dsound%20from%20PSU%20HX620.mp3%20-%200.16MB

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