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HS1A i am on my 5th one corsair messed up on this


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Corsair really dropped the ball on this one, i am currently on my FIFTH HS1A, thank god Frys took them back and replaced them after the 1 month return policy ran out. Every one i replaced was with a brand new one i made sure of that.


I have never had this with any headphone every single HS1a and one HS1 basically breaks after 3 months maximum. The wiring is flimsy first one ear goes out then the entire thing stops working.


I don't know if you guys are releasing a new model or not but this is ridiculous my friend RMAD his twice and got 2 duds i love the headset but i did not pay full price back when i bought it to have a headset for 3 months. Did corsair upgrade these in any way? Fix this huge problem people are having? Should i request another RMA? I don't have the frys receipt i don't think but i can find it if i have to.


Just really frustrated that the build quality is so excellent but the most important thing the actual wiring or whatever it is is basically completely broken. The first ear goes out first then it breaks down no matter what no matter how well you treat it, ive had a Logitech headset for 2 years now still working but the sound quality and comfort does not compare to this one.


I always prided myself with buying corsair products because of the excellent tech support and the excellence of the products i bought cases, memory but now i am doubtful, especially after replacing this thing 5 times (not with corsair i got brand new ones from Frys. (made sure they were brand new and not a return as well.)


What should i do? try to RMA it? throw it out and forget about it? or is there a newer version that fixed this major issue? I am using HS1A not the USB version that one lasted me 1 month these at least last up to 3.

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forget it i am done with corsair and their audio department all i get is "pease RMA" so you can send me another headset that lasts 3 months. go on amazon and look at the reviews these things are broken never buying products from you guys again. After 5 headsets paying for 2 of them i am done gonna spread to word as much as i can so people don't buy these pieces of junk



please stick with memory and cases power supply's etc your headsets are obviously broken you guys know full well abut this and i don't want anther piece of junk, unless its same kind of new model ill stick with Logitech never had a problem with them. I'm just going to throw the current headsets i have from corsair in the garbage and be done with it.


After spending over 200 dollars on broken hardware corsair has not made one improvement on these things, they still are pieces of garbage that work well for 3 months, you guys at corsair know this better then i, with all these complaints (check out the reviews they start out good then people realize they break in 1-3 months its all over the net), And no all 5 brand new headsets 4 HS1a and 1 HS1 that i used broke within 3 months some after 1 or two is not a coincidence. The Lifespan of the headset is up to 3 months period.


You guys know his full well, and the rma process is not a good experience from what my friend who had 2 of these things RMAD, the third one died as well by the way, sadly i recommended it to him never again will i recommend a product from you guys except possibly memory.


Very surprising since you make good products but can't get the wiring correct on a headset thats been out for quite a while.

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