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600t se


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Hi hope your all well,


I have recently constructed a new build and above all i find Coarsair superb quality and construction, however the 600t case would benefit from some slight changes to make her truly beautiful.


* Introduce a power supply lead clip (give it a server looking style) and will stop power lead coming out if the unit is moved.


* For the front bays that are not used, make a case housing so you can put a fan holder cage in and add a 120mm fan or 2x bay with smaller fans.


* Twisted back cable clips with the matching rubber back rubber shields.


I would say that the front control panel should be enabled for quick release if not for RMA reasons and you dont have to rebuild the whole system, I would say the front control unit was of lesser quality than expected (plugs/cables)

but i guess we need to save money somewhere. :bigeyes:


Anyways thanks for the great looking case nice job aswell as the SSD, and HS-80 awesome runs at 25oc idle and 28-29 gaming with a hex 6 cpu, sli 570 gains, corsair internals 120mm fans.


Nice job.







Thanks Runs Sweet!

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