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Ever since I got the 700D and fitted a loop to it, it's been crying out for a window. In the months since I got it, I planned to create a simple window for the side, however when Deus Ex: Human Revolution appeared on the horizon my plans changed quite a bit. I wanted to do something a bit more than just cutting a hole and slapping in some acrylic.


This is still a work in progress - around six inches away from finishing cutting the hole in the side panel, my rotary tool blew up. I ended up finishing the hole, and the makenice, with a cordless drill. Not advised, it is a royal pain in the ***. Due to certain constraints (lack of money, lack of rotary tool, lack of money to get new rotary tool) this is on hold, however it's at a point that it's functional and looks good. The rest of the work doesn't require disassembly.


I plan to replace the CPU block LEDs with blue ones (3mm blue LEDs I had were used on the front panel PWR/HDD lights), replace the UV CCFLs with better ones (or UV SMD LED strips), cut and shape some acrylic to diffuse phase SMD LEDs on motherboard (thats the reason for the yellow hexagon with the +, otherwise those LEDs just blind the terrible camera I have), modify frontpanel bay covers to blend with front (bayres will have a cutout, optical drive will be hidden, and if I decide to keep this disappointing fancontroller, it'll have its alu front replaced), sleeve SATA cables and possibly relocate fancontroller panel to the top of the case for ease of use.


Anyway, the wall of text is done, onto the pictures. With comments.


The perspex is very shiny, but it mates well with the vinyl (vinyl and precision cutting courtesy of BlackSails Al)





CPU block LEDs to be replaced, rear intake with filter:



Front intake with filter:



GPU block with two LEDs shining from motherboard, really brings it alive. (Inset is the 90 degree fittings used to route motherboard block > bay-res and bay-res > pump sections of the loop behind motherboard panel):



Bad camera is bad, since the power and HDD activity lights are a rich blue, as is the bay-res lighting:


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