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Corsair vx550 still not received from kaizen


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Hi all,


Iam a corsair user for past 4 years and have never faced problems with any of their products. But recently my 8 months old vx550 power supply stopped working and i submitted it to kaizen infoserve on 2-11-2011. The desk person from the infoserve siad that that it will be couriered to me within 3 days. But even today(10-11-2011) i havent received the PSU.When I called the kaizen before 2 days they said that it will be couriered from bangalore and he mentioned that i have to wait. I have seen my friends receive the corsair products from service within 5 days (maximum).Iam really shocked to see corsair servicing like this ( believe me i have been amazed most of the times with corsair products and their services ---they rock :) ). Iam really unable to use my pc because of this. I have used vx450 before and had no problems. Kindly help me in this issue or atleast let me know how to track the product.


All i got from kaizen is the MRC number as mentioned below (hope its helpful)




Thanks in advance.

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry that happened and I have sent the service manager in India a message to check your case and contact you ASAP is all I can do at this point.

Please give it a day or so and let me know if they do not contact you.

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