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Coil whine from TX650W


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I'm getting some intermittent but very noticeable coil whine (well - a high pitched whine anyway) from my psu since I built my current system a month or so ago.

After lots of tinkering I've managed to isolate that it only occurs when the cpu is below a certain load.


Sometimes simply having firefox open is sufficient to silence it and I can keep it at bay by having a game open in the background. 25% cpu use always seems to work.

I tried running Prime95 (cpu stress tester) last night and that stopped the whine the instant I ran it. Using 100% cpu for the record.


The GPU and PSU both came from my previous system and I never had any issues then so it definitely appears to be a connected to the processor/mobo.


I've turned off eist, c1e and epu on the motherboard.

I'm forcing vsync on for everything.

I tried safe mode and couldn't hear it there.

I have the latest drivers for gpu and processor and have updated the bios too.


Any thoughts?

I don't really want to have to keep my cpu under load for the rest of the machine's life if I can avoid it.

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