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Hey guys, I can put together a PC fine but selecting RAM confuses the hell out of me.


My motherboard is a GA-EP45-UD3R (rev. 1.0), right now it has two sticks of 1GB RAM for 2GB, wanting to upgrade it to have a much RAM in it as possible, I think the limit is 8GB and that would be nice, can anyone suggest what to buy?


Thanks for reading, hope i'm posting this in the right section.

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scroll down and pick one :)


16gb is the max and yes its the wrong forum ;):


btw, a 4 gb kit is the max for Corsair tested compatible kits, unless there are non specific published sticks im just not seeing.


its preferred not to mix 2 kits though even the same part# the focus now is on DDR3 so it may be hard to find an 8 or 16 gb kit regardless of manufacturer.


good luck!

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