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500R White: Paintwork quality?


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Just received my white 500r today and have to say im rather disapointed about the quality of the paintjob. At the edges of the case there is small spots where paint is missing completely ( like small rockhits in car bonnet) and overall paintjob dont seem to be very even. There is some spots of the case where paint layer is really thin,could almost say transparent. Anyone else has notice quality problems like this with their 500r white case? Thats not really big problem but as its corsair produckt i expected it to be high quality as other stuff from them has been that bought in past.


Anyway wont bother to RMA the case if it dont have any further problems after installing hardware to it, bought it from webshop and would need to send it back and then wait replacement probably few weeks atleast so not worth it. Just bit disapointed atm :(

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