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Replacing fans on H80 with other PWM fans


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I have searched and not found any decent answer to my question, if there is a previous thread where my question is answered could you please point me there.


I have a new gamingrig with the Corsair H80 as the CPU cooler, I am presently using two Scythe Gentle Typhoon 1450rpm fans on it. I however think those two are way too loud for my taste, so I am thinking about replacing them two PWM fans and I am wondering if the H80 controller will be able to control my new fans.


Should the fans have a three or four point connection?


I have looked at a few alternatives;


Be quiet has a series of fans called Silent Wings, where some are PWM controlled.


Arctic Cooling has a new line of PWM controlled fans called Acrtic F


Scythe also has a PWM fan I have looked at, a Slip Stream variant.


And finally a Nexus fan.


So, I am wondering if any of these fans would work with the fan controller on the H80 as it is too darn loud at the moment.

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