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600T better cooling with replaced fans?


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Hey again all, I really like the looks of the 600t but from multiple reviews and forums ive read about the 600t the cooling results were sub par or people have alot of problems with high temperatures. The reviews however were just with the 120mm fan on the rear and the two 200mm fans as they cannot add any others for the review.


What I am wondering is has anyone replaced all the fans in their case with better fans and if so are the temperatures better than the stock fans. I know the stock ones run at 700rpms so they dont push much air so im wondering if the cooling will be a lot better with higher rpm ones.


What im looking into doing is replacing the 200mm front fan. Adding 2-120mm fans on top and 1-120mm fan on the bottom and having my h80 in the push/pull config on the back fan mount.


Anyone with similar setup able to shed some light (please no additional fans modded in)


Also on a side note is the front fan mount actually a 230mm like the 650D or is it really 200mm

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The 200mmm fans are excellent and assure great airflow...would NOT replace them! The Cougar PWM 120 is a great replacement for the rear exhaust fan. Replace your fans in H80 with same in a push/pull configuration. Maximize the efficiency of the cooler/cpu interface with the Indigo-Extreme TIM.
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The 600T's 200mm fans are 1000rpm, not 700. I have a 600T and I connected my 200mm intake to the motherboard and it runs at about 970 rpm on max setting, about 750 on minimum if I remember right, but I keep it at 75% (~920 rpm). I believe it has around 96cfm at max setting...you can check the corsair case accessories section of the website for it's specs.


I think the 600T had the slower 200mm fans when it was first released, but as far as I know, they swapped those out for the higher rpm fans around the time the 600T white special edition version was released (I purchased my black 600T in late July 2011).


I can't really comment on the setup you're talking about. I have 4 120mm fans on my side mesh panel window, acting as additional intake. I'm also thinking about replacing the rear exhaust fan...mostly just for personal preference, I don't have any problems with temperatures.


edit: On a side note, I really like my 600T. This was my first PC build and I'm glad I used this case.

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Here is my setup.


First of all, remove the hard drive cages and move one in the allotted spot next to the PSU. That allows air to freely enter the case from the front without all the crap blocking it.


Front fan: stock (intake)

Mesh side: 4x Rosewill 2000rpm fans on lowest settings (intake) (with these I recommend getting quieter fans, maybe scythe slipstreams, mine are kind of loud)

Top: 2x Ttake 97.5CFM 120mm fans (exhaust)

Rear: H60 push/pull exhausting


It is winter, but my temps for my processor are pretty good (2500k oc'd to 4.3ghz)

Idle: 28C

Load: 52C


my gpus run cool too. MSi twin frozr 560ti's in SLi.

about 65C under load

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