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H100 qa?


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I just received my replacement H100 from newegg as the first one did not work. Took almost 2 weeks to get it in...

well, the "new" one does not work either. in both cases the pump is not running - and yes the power cable is plugged in, tried several different ones. Pump is not running just as before. the fans run fine, the speed control button seems to work fine (fans speed up/ slow down when cycling through the 3 speed settings).


Newegg has about 10-12 posts of issues with this cooler out of 130 posts - that is a infant mortality rate of over 30,000 DPM - what type of QA do you do? Any outgoing quality issue like this shoudl be easily detectable if any QA is done. Are ther any specs on what your allowable shipped defect rate is?


What are you doing to address this incredible failure rates? Do you have cusotmer QA folks that could respond to this?


If I see such issues with coolers, it starts making me worry about the quality and reliabilitiy of other parts, e.g. the RAM I have from you....

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A good way to determine if the pump is not working is by your CPU temp. Let us know what the CPU temp and we'll probably have a good idea if its working or not.


You can also just put your fingers on the pump itself and feel it vibrating (I least thats what I did when I tested mine on the table before I installed it, you could feel the pump running)

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