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Lot & Serial Numbers w/ RMA


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I did not realize that I would have to ship both modules from this dual kit, because only one is bad. As a result, I got to the part of the RMA form where it asks for lot and serial numbers, but one of the sticks was still in my computer!


Basically, I'm concerned that I have not entered enough info, but the request is already sent. Should I shut down, open up the computer, get the good stick's lot number (no serial numbers on either..) then email the RMA dept? Or am I worrying too much about nothing?


Thanks for any advice.

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Is it possible/ridiculous to request my replacement kit to be of a different timing than the kit I return?


My situation involves two dual kits of XMS2 memory of different timing. 5-5-5-18 is the set I'm sending in and I think 4-4-4-12 is the timing on the other pair, though I have yet to get in there to confirm. (I'll know tomorrow, when I dig out the other 5-5-5-18)


As initially stated - I understand if this is totally not how it works. :nono: :p: :cool:

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