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Corsair 500r side window?


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Hey all im looking into getting a new tower for the December Holiday and am really liking the 500r. Only thing holding me back (which some may find silly but its a peev of mine) is that there isn't a "windowed" version.


I know that originally the 600t did not come with a window and you can now buy one so is it safe to assume that there is going to be a windowed version for the 500r?


Can someone verify if Corsair is going to make a windowed side panel and if so when the ETA will be on the release of it.


P.S sorry if this has already been posted I searched but did not come up with it.

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+1 for a window option please. Can I be really needy and demand a window panel with a 120 or 140 Fan option too? Although that may look kind of ugly now I think about it.


Hmmm maybe use the bottom fan mount instead and duct/deflect it towards the GPU area?


Anyways - back on thread. YES PLEASE make this - I'll buy it.



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