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Still not recognised after Firmware Update (1.3.3)


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Hi all,


I have a batch of HP ProBook 6560b laptops which we've recently purchased for our service engineers. I thought a nice upgrade for these laptops would be a Corsair Force3 120GB SSD.


When I try and install Windows onto these laptops, Windows setup does not detect the hard drive. I did a search here and found a lot of people were having problems with these drives.


I updated the firmware to 1.3.3 and the hard drives still do not get detected. I tried setting the BIOS from AHCI to IDE and still nothing. I contacted HP and they gave me a BIOS update which they said might help. I tried the BIOS update and I still have the same problem. HP are unwilling to help me any further as they said they have no problem with various SSD brands (Intel, ******** etc). I know the drives are ok as they work in other machines, just not the HP's.


Has anyone here experienced the same issue where the firmware upgrade hasn't helped?


I know someone here had a similar issue (http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=97855&highlight=probook+6560b)

however a bit of time has passed since then and I was wondering if things had been sorted or not?


Appreciate any help/advice anyone can give me.


Thanks for reading



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Thanks for the prompt reply Yellowbeard.


Yes we do have a few of these drives that we're having problems with. I assume you are suggesting we RMA for a replacement drive and see how we get on with a more recent one?


Yes, some users have had good luck in circumstances like yours by RMAing the drive. So, we'll start with 1 drive and go from there.

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