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XMS3 or Vengeance for Z68+ Core i5 2500k?


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Hi all,


I would like to know which of these product lines best suits the Z68 + i5 combo? I am using XMS2 on my existing rig, and I know that there are good memory. But this new Vengeance line seems to be new.


How are the XMS3 and Vengeance lines different from each other, and which is better for the platform listed above?



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But looks like the XMS3s are also rated at 1.5 volts :confused:




Edit: Tech specs on the Corsair website clearly list the SPD volatages and Tested voltages. So yes, the Vengeance is tested at 1.5 Volts and is the better match. Any difference between the "Regular" Vengeance and the low profile ones?

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