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Hydro H80/H100 controller problems


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Hello Corsair Support


Unfortunately, I also got a defective H80 controller.

Pump is running. No controller lights, one fan spins up and down, no response to pressing the button, reset according to various instructions in the forum also brings nothing.


Currently the pump is running normally and the fan manually by a external controller. The cooling capacity of the H80 is very satisfactory.


I'm not going to exchange the H80 three times or more, like others had to do

so there are some questions:


What exactly is the problem with but very frequent defect of H80 and H100 controllers? Flash? Firmware? Microcontroller?

Should / can I try to work out the problem myself as an electronics technican without loss of warranty?


Is a particular series affected?

Obviously, the sets were also changed some times, (screws, etc. ..)

Was there also something changed in the electronics or firmware?


There's also a version of the controller which works 100%?


If so, what production or item number of the H80 do I need to get from the dealer when I return my damaged H80 in exchange?


Thank you for an honest answer,

also like info via PM.

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