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AX850 Very noisy electrical noise. (youtube link attached)


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Does this in:

game menus

scrolling on websites

moving a window around on the desktop.


ive hook it up to a different power point, plugged in into a grounded point in the bathroom, no difference, turned of c1e and intel speedstep. also tryed turning sync on. also tryed 2 graphics cards a HD4850 and HD6970


Is it going to need a RMA:confused:

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will test my system at my mates place tonight,


put my psu in his machine and see if it does it. and put his psu(Antec TruePower Quattro 1000W) in my machine.


he has a UPS as well, so i can see if the UPS clean power feed helps.

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Corsair will do advance RMAs from what I've read in the forums.


Also given what I've read in this forum, a UPS will not fix this problem. Actually, a UPS might produce a worse AC sine wave than the power right out of the socket.


Noise issues like this are very difficult to track down, most of the time are inexplicable, and are becoming more common. I have an Intel mother board that starts whining if C-States are enabled in the BIOS. A different board I have does not do that, but the analog audio output is loaded with noise, which changes when I move the mouse, which sounds similar to posts about the PS noise issues. Ironically, the Intel board's audio output is noise-free.


IMO, if a certain part in the PS is making the noise (inductor or capacitor) but otherwise functions as it should (which is usually the case) then it is possible that other examples of the same PS will also have the same noise issue.

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Ok same issue at his place but not As loud with his gfx but was hard to tell if it was as loud as their was a lot of background noise


I have also noticed with this psu when the machine is off it gives a high pitch noise. Normally when I unplug a psu and hit the power button the light on the motherboard will go out. With he corsair it stays on for a while.


Will keep using the psu till I install my new ram ssd CPU and motherboard to see if issue is present

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ok think i have found the cause of the noise.


when the machine is turned off. There is a high pitch noise I can hear hear when the room is quiet (trying to sleep in bed)


its coming from the psu.


It is the 12v Rail.


the reason why i believe it to be the 12v rail is i unplugged everything one at a time to see what is cuasing it.


I found when the 10pin(the 24pin connector) is plugged into the psu/motherboard the pitch will come. This 10pin is the pin that feeds 12v to the motherboard on the 24pin.



So looks like the smallest load will put a buzz on the 12v rail. Is that why when graphics cards are active the 12v rail will scream?


Does a RMA fix this or is it a issue all AX850's suffer? :confused:

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I have the same Rev: A1W and same PSU. It is working fine, no coil whine, just a bee noise noticeable only when i go close to the psu (at the back of it). I think it could be a capacitor. I hope it will not increase the decibels. I fact i have changed it but the new one was worse so i kept the old one instead.

Yours is a way unbearable, RMA it, but you might get with the same issue.

I have had a few PSUs based on seasonic platform, ( seasonic X.., Antec..), all had coil whine. The coil whine it is not normal but due to so many complains became a feature of it. Some users do not mind having it.

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Yeah yours is a different batch by he looks of it


If you see my post got 2xpsus


First one


revision a1w with serial starting r1107B= buzzing


Second one


revision a1w with serial starting r1108B= buzzing


So maybe both batches are "infected"?


Dunno what to say currently w8ting for an update to get a 3rd one directly from corsair.

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